Derma Products

Franchisee of Dermatological Products

We are Pharmaceutical derma company in India is known for providing world class skincare solutions at affordable prices. Our Pharmaceutical Franchise in India is major supplier of derma products in this industry. Catering to a wide clientele. Our Pharmaceutical Franchise offer, skincare soap, skin care powder, skincare lotion, skincare shampoo, skincare ointments at reasonable rates.

Franchisee Of Derma Product/Skin Care Product/Pharma PCD of Dermatological Product Pharma PCD of Dermatological Product


  2. AREA OF OPERATION: The area will operate in the area assigned to you only.
  3. BREAKAGE & EXPIRY: No Breakage and expiry will be entertained.
  4. TRANSPORTATION: Transportation will be borne by Associate.
  5. INFILTERATION: The Associate is bound to operate in the area assigned to them only. They are not allowed to sell the products outside from their area in any circumstances .If the Associate is found of doing so, the agreement will be cancelled automatically without any further notice. The company will protect any other party to sell the goods in the area of franchise and if any person is selling the goods in the area of franschisee ,the Associate will bring into the notice of the company and the company will take necessary action at the cost of the company and no infiltration will be allowed in any circumstances.
  6. QUALITY: The products will be of the quality and efficacy manufactured under GMP/WHO standards and if any product is found is found to be of sub standard quality, the Associate will return same stock to the company.
  7. BRAND OWNERSHIP: The brand owner is the company only for all the products.
  8. PAYMENTS: The company will be collect the payment by way of advance cash ,cheques /DD or through Reputed transport /courier services. The selection of transport /courier services .The selection of transport /courier services is the discretion of company of only.
  9. PRICES: The prices of products will be informed to the Associate as and when the same is changed .The prices of the products will be increased with hike in prices of raw material if any.
  10. TAXES: Taxes and other duty as liable by the government will be paid by the Associate only.
  11. SECURITY: No security
  12. PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL: The Company will provide the promotional material free and gift items as available on actual cost.